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Art Panels


 9.5 x 12.5

5 x 16

10 x 16

10" Diameter

10.5 x16.5 Arch

19.5 x 19.5

10.5 x 19

10.5 x 37.5

14.25 x 19.25 Oval

14 x 21.5 Arch

22" Diameter

Art Panels


9 x 40 Vertical

9 x 40 Horizontal

13 x 40 Vertical

13 x 22

20 x 40 Vertical

20 x 40 Horizontal

22 x 22



3.5 Diameter

4.5 Diameter

6.5 Diameter


3.25 x 4.5

5.25 x 7

6.5 x 9


4.25 x 5

6 x 7


Fireplace Screens

Picture Frames

Pillar Candle Stands

Jewel Sun Catcher


Mini Tea Lights

Suncatcher Signs

Table Top


Wavy Bud Vases

 Wall Bracket

Water-Cut Suncatcher

Joan Baker Designs

One of many featured products in our store, Small World Collectibles. Solid glass panels with high quality painted images designed by Joan Baker. The larger panels are shipped direct from the Joan Baker Designs facility in Southern California, while we ship the rest from our store in Bend, Oregon. To your left are links to see the many shapes and sizes that Joan Baker Designs has to offer. We carry a great assortment but we do not have it all. If you have seen a piece that you do not find here, give us a call and we will see if we can special order one for you. Thank  for shopping our family run business!

Thanks again,

The Hunt Family


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