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IMAGO Bisque






By Artist

Stephen Herrero

David Morales


Mill Creek Studios


Here we present Mill Creek Studios newest line "Imago". Imago is more than meets the eye. What is it then? Is it a metaphor for something else, or a vivid representation of something that is?

When an artist approaches a work they are faced with infinite choices. What is my subject or idea? How will I represent that subject? How big, or how small? What kind of shapes and lines shall I use, and how shall I arrange them? Will I use color as part of the composition, and if so, how many and how much of each one? What about light and shadows? Even time and motion becomes factors.

Imago is the result of the imagination and creation of the Mill Creek Studio Artists, conceiving an idea, then giving that idea it's form. To see the result of this very creativity art form, select a subject on your left and explore the results of Mill Creek Studios newest look, IMAGO!

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